Working to harness the power of finance and markets to change the world for the better.

About Us

The Prokopenya Family Foundation works to harness the power of finance and markets to change the world for the better.

The Foundation puts the power of finance in the hands of those who need it most, by supporting charitable causes which focus on financial literacy, financial inclusion, and financial technology.

The Prokopenya Family Foundation exists to realise the vision of its founder, Viktor Prokopenya. A UK-based technology entrepreneur and investor, Viktor is the founder of VP Capital, which currently owns several technology businesses including, a fintech company, and, a cryptocurrency exchange platform.


Viktor Prokopenya is a technology entrepreneur and investor currently focused on fintech and AI. Having built and sold several highly successful software companies, he is now based in London where he founded the global-investment vehicle VP Capital in 2012.

Since 2012, VP Capital has backed forward-looking technology companies, working with founders to develop and build powerful technologies and great products. Its areas of interest range from fintech and blockchain to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The portfolio of Viktor Prokopenya’s VP Capital includes, and Banuba, an AI-computer vision lab specialising in neural networks and machine learning. and are two of a series of innovative technology and software businesses that Viktor founded after launching VP Capital. These cutting-edge fintech platforms are specialised in online trading and focused on the democratisation of finance, allowing for complex trading for global brands and bridging the gap between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies. As one of Europe’s fastest growing trading platforms, has close to 2 million clients and trading volumes higher than USD 88bn. The platforms are fully regulated and secure, following in the path of similar online financial technology companies, yet developed to the next level.

Alongside his professional accomplishments, Viktor Prokopenya has also been involved in several meaningful social and legislative initiatives to stimulate the IT industry as a whole, including the development of legislation focused on the use of autonomous cars, cryptocurrencies, and other emerging technologies.

Financial Education

The Prokopenya Family Foundation is committed to supporting charities that expand financial literacy in the UK and internationally. It works to further the talent pool of future British and international fintech entrepreneurs, providing educational opportunities and backing causes with a focus on financial literacy, such as teaching IT skills to communities in the UK.

Financial Opportunity

The Foundation promotes inclusion and opportunity, working to break down barriers to entering the finance industry. In addition to supporting charities focused on improving access to finance and technology industries, it is open to sponsoring charitable programmes led by think tanks and research institutes with a focus on finance, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Financial Technology

The Foundation supports charities in providing technological equipment to the most disadvantaged communities, to help them bridge the digital divide. It aims to provide computers, tablets and phones in partnership with charities across the world to improve access to e-learning and financial opportunities.
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